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Delhi Tandoor House

The Leading Established manufacturers and bourgeois Of eco-friendly edifice room Equipment’s Industries clay kitchen appliance oven tandoor Since its starting company has exported its merchandise to varied country Like USA Japan Australia kingdom Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Delhi Tandoor House is one of the biggest name in Tandoor manufacturing of all types of Tandoors. Since its inception in 1990, the company achieved phenomenal growth and became a zenith name in the Tandoor manufacturing under the able stewardship of Roshanlal. Since then Delhi Tandoor House has sought to redefine excellence in quality and design of Tandoor, Delhi Tandoor House has all the necessary infrastructure at its command with multi skilled craftsmen under the strict super vision of experienced Delhi Tandoor House are developed as per the international trends, keeping in mind the requirement of its discerning buyers. 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3747, Street Kumharan, Near Ice Factory, Old Subzi Mandi, Delhi - 110007 Share Tweet



28.7382251098279 77.1524759754539 Delhi Tandoor House 3747, Street Kumharan, Near Ice Factory, Old Subzi Mandi, Delhi - 110007